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Oboe and Piano Students

Mika offers oboe lessons and reed-making lessons to students of all levels.  Students study major repertoire, orchestral excerpts and reed-making, in addition to music theory and basics (scales, technical exercises, etc.).  Lessons for beginning students typically last for 30 minutes, while lessons for more advanced students often last for 45 - 60 minutes.  After studying Body Mapping with certified Andover educator Dr. Stephen Caplan, Mika encourages students to think about how they move and helps them to avoid injury and to increase their musicality by incorporating the principles of Body Mapping into her teaching.


In addition, Mika teaches beginning piano students.  Piano students learn theory as well as the basics of playing the piano.  Students typically have one 30-minute lesson per week. 


To inquire about oboe lessons, reed-making lessons, piano lessons or to purchase oboe or English horn reeds, contact MIka at

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